How We Promote Your Growth

The King A.R.T. Society is a place where traditional therapy and expressive arts coexist.  This allows greater opportunities for you to emerge as a wholistic and empowered individual.

Integrative Therapies

We provide integrative services (traditional therapy, expressive arts, seminars, webinars, and conferences).

Filling in the Gaps

We have one of the few therapy programs targeting young adults aged 18-30.

Personal Development

We can help you to develop a symbol that displays identity and empowerment.

A Safe Space

This is a place that provides a safe environment to engage in uncommon dialogues that impact young adults.

Personalized Assistance

We provide programs individually customized to each person’s self-journey.

Members Only

A private Facebook group allows members to engage in open dialogue, promote self-expression and belong to a community.

Behind The King A.R.T. Society 

The story begins with a quiet girl from Miami with a loud dream. A dream that rang on the inside of her soul. Though this dream rang, it was often quieted by depression, suicidal thoughts and insecurities. The loudness of her dream became a whisper as she sank deep into a pit of isolation. She became numb to her family, friends and God. She could not hear her purpose anymore. In her senior year of college, she missed many classes as the voices of purposelessness weighed her down.

It was by God’s grace that she finished her senior year of college. She began therapy and started to uncover those things that quieted her dream. She began to smile again, laugh again and breathe again. She began to live. Her soul’s ear began to open up to the truth of God’s word; that she was safe, protected and loved. This broken girl was mended by the knitting hands of God. No longer a quiet girl. No longer ashamed. This now bold woman was that quiet girl back in the day. I realized the need to create a program for someone like me. A safe space to process the challenges of the self journey freely.  

The King Art Society gives you the opportunity to explore matters of the soul. It is okay to take off the mask. Sometimes the things we are scared of are the very things that would set us  free. Fear is not worth the sacrifice of us freely becoming the person we were Created to be. You will be surprised at who you will discover as you engage in your self -journey. You will learn how to accept you, flaws and all. Give yourself that chance to be amazed by the reality of who you are rather than maintaining a perception of who you think you are. I invite you to embark on this journey of acceptance, revival and transformation. 

Who is The King A.R.T. Society

Headshot photo of Brittany Joseph

My name is Brittany Joseph. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am of Haitian descent. I graduated from the University of South Florida in 2014 with my Bachelor's in Women and Gender Studies/Sociology. I graduated from the University of Southern California in 2018 with my Masters in Social Work. I am happily married to the love of my life. I love to dance, be creative, and empower people. 

I firmly believe that God wants us to embrace His created identity, instead of the identities we manufacture. I understand the juggle between different roles and I want to walk alongside you in this journey of embracing what God is writing in you. 

What services does The King A.R.T. Society provide

We provide a safe, convenient and  budget-friendly place for young adults to explore options, create lasting experiences, have a sense of belonging, be seen and be heard.

Don't know where to start?  Let us show you how!